“Building a business is not rocket science, it’s about having a great idea and seeing it through with integrity.”Richard Branson

1994 was the most prolific year in our history as a country. South Africa became a democratic state with the final draft of our new constitution being signed into law. 1994 would change the lives of so many including a young man fuelled by ambition, determination, hope and excitement, Peter Henman, the founder of Splashworks.

In the September of that year, a container of plastic toilet seats arrived and was excitedly offloaded at Peter’s parent’s home. The very first product to set Splashworks off.

With his first product to sell, his ambition and a determination to succeed Peter knew that great things were on the horizon. Moreover he wanted to build a company that would remain family-owned and operated no matter what.

In November 1994, copper fittings were added to the product portfolio and with only four staff members, including Peter, Splashworks continued to forge ahead.

Ten years later, Splashworks moved into phase 1 of their new warehouse in Kya Sands Business Park, a mere 320m2.

Move forward to 2018 and Splashworks operates from two substantially sized warehouses in both Johannesburg and the Western Cape.

Throughout its resounding success, Splashworks kept its family values. A notable attribute that reiterates the original ambitions and dreams of the Henman family which still resonates within the company’s very ethos today.

Similarly to the growth of the company, so too has the product offering grown extensively. All Splashworks products carries a guarantee albeit 1year, 5years, or 12years. Our products are quality-assured and guaranteed.

Splashworks procures its range of products both internationally and locally with the key focus on never compromising on the quality. Splashworks is committed to support local businesses as far as possible in an effort to contribute to local employment and upliftment. This is in line with the ethos of the company – personalized service from the people you know.

Our relationship with our overseas supplies are long-standing, contributing to our ability to provide consistent ranges, good quality products and after-sales services.

We distribute millions of units nationally and into Africa every year, through our supply chain partners.

Splashworks is strategically positioned as the preferred plumbing solutions supplier with a vast network of agents and sales teams. It may be a far cry from its humble beginnings yet the same vision resounds – a hands on approach driven by honesty and integrity.

It takes a village to raise a child, so too does it take working synergies and alliances to raise the level of service and product offering within an organization. Our strategic partnerships / alliances with selected brands has not only broadened our product scope to provide more product choice for our customers, it has allowed us to enter and distribute to new markets and increase our market presence and competitiveness within the industry. Brands include Seaqual, Geberit, CTA, Castaway, Budding Trade, Sabricon. and others.

Taking a dream by the scruff of its neck and driving it full steam ahead would leave some exhausted and stupefied. It is the brave few who never give up, who continue to forge ahead, who stand by their dream and overcome all challenges with the very same value systems, integrity and perseverance they held onto when taking that very first step. That is what drove Splashworks 24 years ago and what continues to drive us into the future, today.